Meet and Greet Wednesday Feb 10, 2021

 Meet and Greet

Wednesday Feb 10, 2021

1700 to Sunset

Benjamin Franklin Blvd on Lido Beach near St. Armands

Park along Benjamin Franklin Blvd at the north end of Lido Beach just past St. Armand's when the road turns south. There is a pavilion area next to the street. This area has picnic tables, benches and shade. It normally does not get a lot use - most people walk to the beach. It requires no walking on the sand. 

If you can't find us call Craig Hullinger at 941 312 1032.

Hope to See you there.


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Singing Happy Birthday To Woz


A group from Sarasota MOAA went to visit MOAS Past President Ron Wozniak "Woz", who has been hospitalized for over two months with Covid-19.  We sang happy birthday to him. Linda Wozniak has been working hard on helping him back to health.

Please keep both of them in your thoughts and prayers.

Happy New Year




Photos from Danang, Vietnam, Tet New Year Celebration. A little different today then back in our day.

Danang is Fireworks Festival city. Lunar New Year’s Eve Fireworks is a great celebration.

Which is the way I remember it. We watched the Tet Celebration for 1970 from the top of Hill 327 looking over DaNang and south to Chu Lai.  You could see many tracer rounds fired up from positions up and down the coast, with multiple explosions. Very impressive. The rounds were going up, mostly. They just don't make fireworks celebrations like they did back in the good old days.

This time-lapse photo shows a Douglas AC-47 "Spooky" at work on the outskirts of Saigon. The sheet of red raining down from the night sky represents only one of every five bullets fired from the gunship’s miniguns. (U.S. Air Force)

The New Years celebration in Vietnam in 2021 is much nicer and better than the ones during the Vietnam War.

Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Men (and Women)