Sarasota Mayor Presents to Sarasota MOAA

Military Officers Association Enjoys a Presentation by Sarasota’s Mayor Via Zoom Video

Southwest FL – As many of you are aware, the physical luncheon at Michael’s on East was cancelled due to the lack of participation as a result of the Coronavirus situation. However, we were pleased to host a ZOOM video presentation with Mayor Jan Ahearn-Koch who was originally scheduled to attend our May Scholarship luncheon.

The mayor, a leader in our community’s battle with the virus, provide some insights into the city’s process leading up to the initial “lockdown” and the more recent action requiring the wear of masks when in public within the city limits. She responded to questions that ran the gamut from homelessness within the city to school reopening, and city/county relations.

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Video Showing the Effectiveness of Masks for Covid-19

Military Officers Association Enjoys a Presentation by Sarasota’s Mayor Via Zoom Video July 23, 2020

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24 July 2020 Yahoo North Jetty Park 1000 S. Casey Road, Nokomis

I wanted to pass on that the address takes you to the correct parking lot. As soon as you turn off S Casey Road into the lot drive straight back to the right corner of the lot towards the Gulf. There is a short walkway to the beach. 

It is about 300 feet from the end of the walkway to the waters edge. I  also attached a photo of my red Jeep parked by the walkway to the beach.

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