Sarasota MOAA Luncheon Oct - Mark Twain Presents


Alan Kitty provided a great one man presentation interpreting humorist and author Mark Twain at our MOAS October luncheon. His presentation gave us all an appreciation for the wisdom and wit of Mark Twain.  Since Twain died long before videos or voice recordings were invented, people now only know him from his extensive  literary works.  Alan truly brought this icon of American literature to life. Thanks to Mr. Kitty’s in-depth knowledge of Mark Twain, combined with his superb acting skills,  we now have a better understanding of Mark Twain, the man.

We did not see Alan Kitty - we saw Mark Twain. As Mark Twain, Kitty   weaved Twain’s interesting stories as we can imagine Twain himself would have done.

Among other stories, Twain discussed his two week military service for the Confederacy.  He rose from Private to Lieutenant and participated in one battle. He noted that he was part of a 15 man unit who fought one Yankee, who was wiped out!

After the presentation, Twain answered many questions about various aspects of his life. His presentation was well received by all who attended.

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