Polo Match Feb 25, 2024


 Hey MOAS Polo Fans!

A  big "Thank you" to Chris & Cynthia Nind for hosting and organizing today's Sarasota Polo Club outing and for all the time and effort put into making this a memorable experience. 
Thanks to all those who brought chow to pass and those who helped us set up and tear down. 

Thanks to the MOAS Board of Directors who approved the purchase of the two 10' x 10' canopy tents. They were a blessing to keep the sun off us. We could have used three.

Below is a link to the pics I took today and they are being provided to Craig Hullinger, our MOAS Webmaster and Bloger, for uploading to the MOAS website.

If you wish to share any pics you took today please send them to Craig who is Cc'd in this e-mail.

The weather was perfect, the Polo Match was exciting, the chow was great, thanks to all who contributed, and your companionship was most welcome.

We hope you all had a great time.

Thanks Chris and Cynthia!

Woz & Linda

Ron Wozniak LtCol USMCR (Retired)


Thanks to Chris, Cynthia, Linda and Ron for all your work, and thank you for a fun afternoon.

Len and Christa Friedlander


Nice work, Chris, Cynthia, Linda and Ron. Well done.