Our Storage Locker Reorganized


How many Marines does it take to clean out the MOAS locker, build shelves, and put the stuff back in?

Seven.  Five ghost Marines to lead, two grunts to work.

And One Air Force Spouse to Direct.

Craig & Christa,

We need to return to Hide-Away Storage.
Remove all MOAS items from the new shelf unit.
Remove the shelf unit from the storage locker.
Place all the MOAS stuff back into the storage locker exactly the way it was.
Take a photo of the stuff in the locker.
Put the shelf back into the locker.
Put everything back on the shelves.
Good news, we already have photos of everything on the shelves! (See attached)
Belated April Fools!!! 😁😁😁
Ron Wozniak LtCol USMCR (Retired)


Very funny, Woz

Craig Hullinger


Marine Humor?

Le Friedlander


Haha, thanks.

Christa, we were glad to help a classy lady have better access to her working files and make it easier for anyone else getting stuff from the MOAS storage locker.


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