Half Day Cruise August 16, 2013

We will go to Punta Gorda for a half-day cruise.

August 16th – 9:00 AM, return by 1430 hrs to Burnt Store Marina for lunch.

Half Day Charlotte Harbor Lunch Cruise

The King Fisher Fleet in Punta Gorda, FL has a half-day Harbor Cruise on Charlotte Harbor to the Burnt Store Marina for lunch at Porto Bello’s Restaurant. This is laid-back cruising at its best, where we will see dolphins, birds, fish and other plentiful sea life, which abound in this beautiful bay. 

We will also get a little local history, pirate lore and other colorful stories along the way. During the lunch stop, at approximately 11:00 AM, you can walk the docks, look at beautiful yachts and take a few photos before cruising back to Punta Gorda. The cruise provides sodas, water and munchies for a small fee.

However, due to the unique dietary
 requirements of YAHOOs, we can bring small coolers on board with wine/beer/snacks. Coolers must be left on the boat during the lunch stop.

The inclusive cost is $21.55 per person (lunch NOT included), for 15 adults or more. A single-payer full payment is required, so please RSVP by August 9th and send your check, 
payable to Carol O’Brien, 7606 Broomsedge Ct., Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202. You may call Carol or John at 941-907-8891 or email to cobrienvt@aol.com

First-come, first served for the 35-40 available seats. 

Since boarding begins at 09:15 AM, we ask you to be 
at 2:30PM. Travel time from I-75/Clark Road in Sarasota to the “Dock Side” by 9:00 AM. The boat departs at 09:30 AM and returns marina in Fisherman’s Village in Punta Gorda is approximately 1 hour.

Directions: Take I-75 south to the Punta Gorda, Exit 164. The 
(west) on US 17 and proceed 3 miles to Fisherman’s Village on the Interstate exit does a 180-degree loop and T’s on US 17. Take a left right. At the “Village,” park in the parking lot on the right. Look for the YAHOO groups – always conspicuous – at the water’s edge.

Don’t forget the Florida usual: camera, hats and sunscreen.

Next Luncheon will by Friday August 23, 2013

HEADS UP!! Due to renovations at Michael’s on East, the August Luncheon will be on Friday August 23rd. 

The August program for MOAS Luncheon will revolve around introducing the American Flag Protocol Initiative to our members by highlighting the proposed school curriculum.

More information in the next issue of The Breeze!!!!!!

Sunset Beach Party August 28, 2013

August 28th we will have a Sunset Beach Party at LTG Jerry 
Hilmes’ cabana on Lido Key. 

August 28th – 4:30PM

Sunset Beach Party on Lido Key

LTG Jerry Hilmes has invited the YAHOO’s to join him on
August 28th at 4:30 PM for a sunset beach party at his cabana on Lido Key.

In the true spirit of the YAHOO’s past sunset beach parties
we will keep it very simple. Everyone brings their own c h a i r s , h o r s d’oeuvres or dessert to share, and grog.

John & Carol O’Brien will provide plastic glasses, plates, napkins and utensils. After socializing at Jerry’s cabana we will migrate down to the water for a 7:55 PM sunset.

Please RSVP by August 21st to Carol O’Brien @941 907-8891 or email cobrienvt@aol.com to let her know if you plan to attend and what you will bring so we don’t have too many appetizers or too many desserts.

Directions: From St. Armand’s go west toward the Gulf until you reach Ben Franklin Dr. A subtle hint will be when the road ends at the Gulf of Mexico. Suggest at that time you turn left (south for our navigators). After about a mile on Ben Franklin you will see the Lime Tree Resort on the right, then a condo, followed by your target, the Sun & Surf Colony, 1148 South Ben Franklin Drive. Take a right into the large parking areas. If you get to the Ritz Carlton, you’ve 
missed it. 

July will be a month of rest, and September will be bowling, TBA.

Luncheon July 19, 2013

Pat working the check in table.

The Marines have landed two new Marines.

MG Peter Talleri and Col Byron Hill in Center

Patriot Plaza Art

New post on The Patterson Foundation Blog Network

Larry Kirkland’s experience, artistic vision bring depth to Patriot Plaza art

by The Patterson Foundation
Larry Kirkland, lead artist behind the Patriot Plaza at Sarasota National Cemetery, is no stranger to military life. While he never served (he pulled a high draft number that was never called during Vietnam) he did grow up in a military family.
“My parents had six kids and were married about 56 years…we would move about every two years," Kirkland said. "We moved to Japan, Rhode Island, San Francisco and Washington D.C. I’m still amazed they did this -- packed up six kids and moved 3,000 miles or more. Military families are just a little bit different… they move a lot and that gives us a different perspective on the world."
It was this perspective that led to his realization that the art integrated throughout Patriot Plaza, a 1.83-acre ceremonial amphitheater, would need to involve a core group of artists. It was essential to have different viewpoints about what its like to be in the military, or part of a military family.
As Kirkland states, “Being an American Citizen and choosing to serve touches many people in many different ways. This seems to be the resounding theme behind the Plaza, as not only does it incorporate different artistic viewpoints but also incorporates military images across time."
As lead artist, Kirkland said he feels incorporating different viewpoints was also the best way to create a space for future generations.
“It’s really hard to create for the future,” Kirkland said. “You do that by looking to the past."
For more information on Larry Kirkland and the Patriot Plaza click here.

Hurricane Protection

               FROM MOAS MEMBERS
(Contact John O'Brien or Webmaster with suggested additions / changes)

1.   Dwelling protection
*     Window protection options
*Cut plywood (spring steel clamps can lock in place) - inexpensive, but heavy, & will not meet Miami-Dade Code
*Installed Hurricane glass windows/accordion shutters/window films/aluminum, steel, or clear Lexan panels. (Some Homeowner’s Assoc. allow them up all hurricane season).
*    Heavy Garage Door built to Hurricane Code or modify older doors to reinforce them (important, so winds don’t get in & lift roof)
*    Heavy front (and other) doors – additional and/or long deadbolts; glass sections reinforced
        *   Patio sliders – Hurricane Panels or hurricane mesh roll-ups.
*    Roofs – Attic tie-downs needed; checked by pro. hurricane  inspection (contact USAA)

        2. Emergency supplies
·      Water, food, medical prescriptions, first aid kit, flashlights, batteries, extra cash
·      Children & pet supplies

3.   Emergency equipment (assuming power is lost)
·      Emergency generators? ...adequate gas (with stabilizer additive). Safe location to operate to avoid dangerous exhaust gas. Anti-theft and grounding cables. Tested periodically. Correctly sized extension cables or able to tie to home wiring.
·      Battery or crank-operated emergency radio; Emergency frequencies ………………
·      Emergency lights (LEDs ?); good supply of batteries
·      Portable TV with good antenna; channels available with antenna?
·      Portable air conditioner? (ducting installation needed?)
·      Cell phones charged; emergency phone numbers. Chargers for car.
* Car jumper cables

4.   Emergency Planning
·      Flood Insurance – flood plain location…. See "Flood Ins", left.
All insurance up-to-date
·      Inventory household belongings (perhaps w/digital camera)
·      Important papers and contact info readily available to take  
·      Nearest hurricane shelters …..pet info ……
·      Keep car ready & at least half filled with gas; info on evacuation routes
·      Request insurance company (e.g. USAA) inspection (improvements can lower rates)
·      Insure adequate prescription medications and list of prescriptions
·      Trim palms and other trees; check for missile hazards

5.   Web sites and other hurricane information …

·      Federal Emergency Management (FEMA)/Hurricane prep
* Sarasota County Emergency Services
* Sarasota Disaster Planning Guide

·      "Sarasota Herald 2013 Hurricane Guide"

·      Nat. Wx Service – Hurricane Center

·      Miami-Dade County Hurricane Guide

·      USAA – Be Ready to Go When Disaster Strikes” and "How to get Your Home Hurricane-Ready"