Happy Thanksgiving

 Happy Thanksgiving - Please keep Linda and Woz in Your Prayers

Thanksgiving Dinner Back in the Good Old Days - Finger Licking Good!

Thanksgiving Dinner Back in the Good Old Days - Finger Licking Good!

Our turkey dinner in Vietnam!

Add a heat tab.... and a veritable feast.  Yummie!

Delicious and nutritious. It was better with hot 

Some guys liked Nước chấm sauce with it. 
Nước chấm is a Vietnamese dipping sauce - 
an acquired taste. 

Happy Thanksgiving.

P-35 "John Wayne" Can Openers


A friend asked if we were issued can openers for our C-Rations. We were!

Official military designations for the P-38 include 


We were issued a P-38 can opener, commonly called a "John Wayne".  Many of us wore the opener around our necks with our dog tags. They were small and handy and many of us still have them.

From Wikapedia

The P-38, developed in 1942,[1] is a small can opener that was issued in the canned field rations of the United States Armed Forces from World War II to the 1980s. Originally designed for and distributed in the K-ration, it was later included in the C-ration. As of 2020, it is still in production and sold on a worldwide market.[2]

Click to read more:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P-38_can_opener

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks to Taffy Cannon MPHS 66 for sharing the video below from WKRP Cinncinati video on Thanksgiving.  No turkeys were harmed in this video.

WKRP "As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly ...

Nov 24, 2011 - Uploaded by Epic Houston
WKRP "As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly"Thanksgiving.

WKRP Thanksgiving Turkey Drop - YouTube

Oct 13, 2014 - Uploaded by Cuchulainn's Picks
Les Nessman discovers that his station's Thanksgiving promotion just isn't going to fly. For more info ...

Watch WKRP in Cincinnati Online - Turkeys Away | Hulu

Sep 20, 2007
Stream WKRP in Cincinnati season 1, episode 7 instantly. ... This one website, wetpaint, showed 12 Thanksgiving Day episodes, and the  ...

WKRP "Turkey's Away" - YouTube

Nov 24, 2011 - Uploaded by whoohaaa1000
WKRP "Turkey's Away" .... This was a great old Thanksgivingshow. .... WKRP "As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly" Thanksgiving  ...

WKRP in Cincinnati Full Episode (Turkeys Away) - IMDb

Watch the latest WKRP in Cincinnati Full Episode (Turkeys Away) on IMDb.

OOORAugh! and Semper Fi. Thank you, MOAS


More scoop about the Sarasota Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America at. www.sarasotamoaa.com

Sarasota Breeze December 2020 is Onl


Dear Member

The link to the December 2020 Issue of the Sarasota Breeze newsletter is below.

Unfortunately, due to the continued and expanding COVID-19 infections, the Board has cancelled the Military Gala originally scheduled for Sunday December 6.

We are still planning to have the January Luncheon at Michael’s on East on Friday January 15, 2021. The menu and reservation form for this event will be published next month.

As noted in the newsletter, Ron Wozniak, our chapter’s Immediate Past President, YAHOO and Support Our Troops (SOT) coordinator is seriously ill with COVID-19.  Please keep him and his wife Linda in your prayers.

I hope you enjoy this issue of The Breeze - and as always, please let me know if you have a suggestion on how we can improve it.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. 

Stay Safe 

Len Friedlander

Click to read the 


Presentation by Colonel Col John Polidoro Jr., USMC

Briefing by Colonel  Col John Polidoro Jr., USMC, current Chief of Staff at US Marine Corps Forces Central Command (MARCENT) located aboard MacDill AFB, FL


Prayers For Woz

Ron "Woz" Wozniak is nearing the end of his 4th week with Covid-19, and near his third week in the hospital. Very tough deal.

Please keep him and Linda in your thoughts and prayers.

Woz Still wearing his Basic School Blues

One of his retirement parties

On Ascension Island Last Year

South of the Equator between Africa and South America

More photos of the Ascension Island Space A Trip at:


Vietnam Veterans Welcomed Home - MOAS Member Colonel Byron Hill


Our MOAS Member Byron Hill