Saturday May 7th @ 7:00PM The Kentucky Derby @ The Staleys

Saturday May 7th @ 7:00PM

The Kentucky Derby @ The Staleys 

Ladies & gentlemen, the time has come for all good people to don their best chapeau, tip a mint julep and lay down hard cash on your favorite filly. This event will commence at 7:00 pm. at the Staley Household. Race attire will be more than welcome. Ladies are encouraged to be outrageous with their hats, after all this is.. Derby Day. Prizes awarded for best “Ladies hat.”

Race cards and instructions will be handed out before the races begin. Everyone will have a chance to raise their bets once the horses have been viewed. We have a professional crew that will sell race tickets and an extraordinary TOTE working the odds.

There will be “only” 5 races. Six ladies of our choice will orchestrate the final race. After the races the stands will be emptied and directed to the feed stalls for food, and a limited amount of liquid refreshments will be provided, otherwise BYOB.

Bets will start at $1.00. Again there are only 5 races. One may have a lovely evening for not more than $5.00 (if you are gutsy). The proceeds of the evening will benefit MOAS’ SOT (Support Our Troops) Program. Please join us in our endeavor to have fun, enjoy each others company, and have a few brews and tasty Derby Day morsels.

DIRECTIONS: Take I-75 Exit 217 and bear EAST onto State Road #70. Go 3 miles to Lakewood Ranch Boulevard. Turn right into LWR and go one mile to the 4-way stop. Turn right onto Clubhouse Drive. Go one block to Summerfield Woods & Bluffs turn left onto Tumbleweed Drive. Drive just past the little island and turn left onto Pine Lilly Place. Second house on the right 

– 11408 Pine Lilly Place. RSVP NLT May 1st. or (941) 752-4086.

FROM THE AIR - See JANE’S flight manual for Sarasota/Bradenton. Look under “Party!”



About 1,400 Vietnam veterans gathered at Patriot Plaza on the grounds of the Sarasota National Cemetery to participate in the Vietnam War 50th Commemoration program on March 29th and receive a Vietnam War Veterans pin to commemorate their service. Engraved on the back of each pin, which features an eagle's head framed by stars and stripes on the front, is a simple message: “A Grateful Nation Thanks and Honors You.”

We offer our thanks to the MOAS members who organized and participated in conducting the program; BG Jim Hesson, USA (Ret); COL Ben Knisely, USA (Ret), and Col Charles Caudill, USAF (Ret).

Beach Party and Siesta Key

Planning is underway by Brian and Valerie McCarthy for a beach party at Siesta Key in either June or July. Last year we planned a Siesta Beach party on a Tuesday and we wound up competing with hundreds of kids and parents participating in a Summer Fun Run. We will ensure we avoid it when planning our beach party. 

The YAHOOs are also projecting an Oktoberfest in the fall.

Calendar and The Breeze

Dear Member

Attached is the April 2016 issue of the MOAS monthly newsletter, The Sarasota Breeze, as well as a separate Program/Menu/Reservation Form for you to use when making your reservation for the April Luncheon on April 15th at Michael’s on East. 

The Luncheon program will feature Lisa Goldstein, and Elder Care lawyer who will explain the strategies and challenges to funding and providing care for our disabled and aging loved ones; and the importance of pre-planning in light of the proposed Veterans Affairs Three-Year-Look-Back on transfers of assets.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!!!!

Other upcoming events to put on your calendar::

  • 29 March – Tribute to Vietnam Veterans, Patriot Plaza,5PM
  • 2 April – Sarasota County Academic Olympic finals at Suncoast Technical College
  • 26 April - Sarasota Homeless Veteran Stand Down, 8-12PM, 2200 Ringling
  • 2 May – 4th Annual JFCS Tribute to Veterans
  • 13-15 May – FCOC Annual Convention – Lakeland, FL
  • 20 May – The Annual MOAS Scholarship Awards Luncheon
  • 30 May – Memorial Day Parade – Support Our Troops box distribution 

As usual, we hope you enjoy this issue—and ask that you let us know if you have any suggestions for future issues.

Thank you

Len Friedlander

Click to read the Breeze  (Control + to enlarge text)

Click to view the Luncheon Reservation Form

Luncheon Photos 20160415

April Birthdays

Stars and Stripes Foundation

Diverging Diamond Interchange Coming To Sarasota at University and I-75

The diverging diamond is an interesting transportation improvement. Read about it at:

This type of interchange is proposed on I-75 and University Parkway.

Below is a link to the video that was shown regarding the diverging diamond concept.  The video is about 8 minutes in length and I would definitely recommend watching it if you have the opportunity. It will be constructed at I-75 and University Parkway in Sarasota and Manatee Counties.



FROM: FCoC legislative Chairman, Lt Col Bob Bienvenue, USAF ret

TO: Chapter Presidents, Chapter LLs and FCoC Board

SUBJECT: Request for Action by Chapter Leaders and your Legislative Committees:

In the latest MOAA's Legislative Update and in the April 10th MOAA Affiliate there was a CALL FOR ACTION to send a message to our Congressmen and Senators in advance of the visits by our Florida Council of Chapters President, LTC Marc Oliveri, and several other MOAA Board and Staff members with a Florida their Capital Hill offices on April 13th.

The timing of these meetings precedes the open hearings and deliberations by the HASC and SASC on the Administration's 2017 DoD Budget proposal. If you have been keeping track of those proposals you know that MOAA has serious objections to several of the provisions in it, mainly because of the financial penalties proposed on the currently serving military and their families, retirees and surviving spouses through reductions to the next pay raise and to other benefits and increased co-pays and enrollment fees for health care.

By using the link that follows below you can send a timely message to your specific representative and our two senators in advance of the meetings scheduled for Wednesday.

I have four suggestions to help make this message more impactful:

The first suggestion is to copy the following edited message that contains specific numbers regarding the people most affected here in Florida by those provisions and paste into the capwiz text boxes that appear when use follow the link above..

My second suggestion is to copy the message (or my edited version below) and send (via email or fax) it to the Representative's local District Office asking them to please let your Congressperson know of the grass roots support there is on this matter from his/her constituents at home!

The third suggestion is to forward this message to your chapter membership and encourage their action as well.

My final suggestion is to follow-up with a phone call to both offices on Tuesday or Wednesday morning.

Communicating with our elected officials this way reinforces MOAA's strategy to send multiple messages on the same which highlights the importance and urgency of those matters to our elected representatives.

FCoC LLs Suggested Edited Message

Also included as an attachment to this email

The Military Officers Association of America, the nation's largest professional association of military officers, is "Storming the Hill" on April 13th. More than 160 national, state, and local MOAA representatives will visit the offices of nearly every US senator and representative. This team includes MOAA officers from Florida who will be visiting the 29 offices of the Florida congressional delegation led by our Council President, LTC Marc Oliveri, USA ret.

They'll be making the case to oppose disproportional TRICARE fee hikes and repeal the SBP-DIC "widows’ tax" that penalizes 63,000 military widows up to $15,000 a year. This penalty affects approximately 5700 widows in Florida who need your help.

In addition they will address a proposal in the Pentagon's budget wherein service members would receive a capped pay raise for the fourth year in a row. The proposed 1.6 percent pay raise is another .5 percent below the average American's 2.1 percent raise, as measured by the Employment Cost Index (ECI). The proposed cap further expands the pay gap between the military and the private sector to 3.1 percent. Budget limits have disproportionally penalized service members and their families as each of the last seven military raises have been lower than any raise during the previous 48 years. The MOAA team will be asking you to please provide the appropriate pay raise to let our service members know that they are valued for their patriotism and sacrifices.

I stand with the more than 390,000 members of the Military Officers Association of America so that our voices will be heard on these important matters.

Reply-To: Robert Bienvenue <>

Please Broadcast to any and all that you can, Members & Non-Members, by whatever means available!


George Tracy
MOAA Sarasota Chapter

Happy Hour / Meet and Greet - Friday April 8, 2016

Happy Hour / Meet and Greet
Friday April 8, 2016
At The O Club of the Day

Sarasota Vineyard

1528 Main Street
Sarasota Florida

We have recreated the camaraderie of the O' Club that we enjoyed in our younger days. Please join us at the Club. 

No cost except for what you eat or drink - No Reservations. 
New Parking Deck 93 paces from rear entrance of the O'Club. Go through the parking lot and alley. Or you can go via State Street to Lemon Ave to Main St.

It is our understanding that Government built this amenity to support Sarasota MOAA Happy Hours.  Thank you, Government.

Marines and Soldiers can low crawl out the back door of the O'Club through the parking lot to the garage. Air Force Officers can levitate / aviate over the buildings. The Navy and Coast Guard are seeking a Federal Grant to buy a ship and construct a waterway, quay, and harbor. Troy Scott is planning a zip line so that Airborne Rangers can repel from the top floor of the garage directly to the bar where they will shout AIRBORNE!! ALL THE WAY!! if they survive.

Spouses and friends are encouraged to attend.

Hope you can join us at the Happy Hour.

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Daring Air Rescue in 1946

Daring air rescue in 1946 - Downed US Army Air Force Plane in the Alps, crew and passengers rescued after 5 days by the first use of ski mounted planes landing (and successfully taking off) from a glacier. Click below to read the full story.

We thank the Swiss Air Force via Sarasota MOAA Member and retired Swiss Air Force pilot Rene Faessler <>


There were discussions, prayers about this crash at everybody's family table. Swiss people appreciated very much having American's in Europe since the horrible war. 

As a little boy I remember well about great story's involving American Military.  Especially this rescue in the Alps in the middle of a hard winter.

René Faessler

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