4 Minute Road Trip around America

The pictures reflect a 4 Minute Road Trip around America by Charlie Daniels.

Monologue begins about 30 seconds in.

Worth the time. Goes by too fast. I hope you enjoy it. An American's view of our country...


SOT Box Party 2019

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Memorial Day Parade

A fine time was had by all hands.  We had great support, with lots of volunteers to help pass out boxes for our troops.  Thanks much.


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MOAA and Our Troops Need You!!!
Support Our Troops!!
Memorial Day Parade
Monday May 27 Meet at 0930

Meet on Links St (Street west of 301) just north of Main Street. Look for our pickup truck.

When is the last time you marched in a Parade? Now is the time.

We will walk along the parade route with a pickup filled with boxes to hand out to spectators. The boxes have instructions for items needed to be sent to the troops in Afghanistan.

MOAS will also have a tent set up at 0930 at the JD Hamel Park at Main Street and Bayfront Drive where the parade ends and where we will be passing out more SOT boxes and listening to the 1100 Memorial Day Ceremony which ends at Noon. We need volunteers there to pass out boxes.

Following the Ceremony, we will head across Bayfront Drive over to O'Leary's Tiki Bar & Grill for a cold one and lunch.

Questions?  craighullinger@gmail.com   309 634 5557

See you there!

Memorial Day Parade Video