MOAS and All Stars


Representatives from MOA competed with High School All Star Students. The students won.

Here are the pictures from today folks.  Thanks for playing.  I hope you all had fun with it.  Carol, thanks for helping me put out the food and for packing it up for me at the end.  Appreciate it.

Patricia Mclain


Airborne - Troy Scott

Why Would Anyone Jump Out of a Perfectly Good Airplane? 

The video below may tell you why.

Bring back some memories? This was post '66- we jumped We jumped out of C-119's.

Troy Scott


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It is pretty easy. If you were commissioned you can do it. And if you married a commissioned officer it should be really easy.

An Officer and a Gentleman

As you were always told, it took an act of Congress to make us you an officer. And it would take an act of God to make you a gentleman.

The Scoop on the Breeze

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Yahoos at the Hockey Game 2013

A good time was had by all at the Hockey Game in Tampa

YAHOO = Young At Heart Officers Organization.

YAHOO Kayak Trip 20112

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Florida Convention 7-9 June, 2013

    The Military Officers Association of Sarasota would like to invite you to attend the Florida Council of Chapter Convention 2013 from 7-9 June at the Hyatt Regency, Sarasota.
    We invite you to come and enjoy our hospitality, cultural treasures, and fantastic dining.  Come early and stay longer, the hotel’s rates will remain at our low Convention rate for 2 days before and 2 days after the event. 


      We have an amazing treasure trove of attractions. The Ringling Museum, with the Circus Museum’s Tibbals Learning Center having the world's largest miniature circus. The model is a replica of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus from 1919 – 1938. Plus, the Art collection of circus magnate, John Ringling.  In addition to the Ringling, we have the beautiful Selby Botanical Gardens with a myriad of orchids, bromeliads and other beautiful plants.  Take a Bay tour on the Sarasota Bay explorer and learn/see various kinds of plant and animal life.

     Our hospitality committee will be ready to advise you on many of the other exciting places of interest, including an array of suggestions for restaurants, some offering special promotions for our attendees.  


      All Convention events are appropriate service uniform / Florida casual, usually with long pants and convention shirt. The military ball is formal, dark suit / military dress, etc.

       Let us know if you have any special needs or desires.

Hyatt Regency Hotel

     Hotel reservation for the Hyatt Regency will be made by our reservations committee.  Please indicate your wishes on the second page of the reservation form. Allowing the convention committee to make the reservations will save the tax of at least 12% off the cost of your room.  

1000 Boulevard of the Arts
SarasotaFloridaUSA 34236 

            941 953 1234      

Convention 2013 Registration


Please read carefully, fill out legibly and completely, copy for your files and submit early!!!!

Member (Full)Name_________________Rank_________


Mailing Address (include Zip)_________________________________________



Chapter_______________________ Current Office Held_______________________ 


Convention Badge Name (Member)___________________________________________ 


Event/Item Per-Person Cost Number Attending TOTAL COST 


Registration                  $20 _____________ $_____________ 

President’s Reception $25 _____________ $_____________ 

All Hands Breakfast     $25 _____________ $______________ 

Memorial Service n/c 

FCOC Annual Meeting n/c 

Seminars (2) n/c 

Luncheon                 $25 ______________ $____________ 

Military Ball              $50 ______________ $____________ 

Meal choice for Military Ball _________Sirloin________ Chicken ________ Fish


Please indicate number 

LeBarge Bay Cruise       ________ $25  $_______ 

Ringling Circus Museum ________ $25 $________ 

Departure times for each event will be announced at the convention upon check-in 

Convention Shirt (Order now, receive at convention or pay extra $5 for mailing) $30 each 

Circle size/Number: Ladies: __ SM __ M __ L ___ XL 

                                    Men: __ SM __ M __L __XL __ 2XL $____________ 

TOTAL CONVENTION FEES…………………………………………….$________

The Hyatt Regency, Sarasota- A non-smoking facility-Room Reservations @ $115/night, save 12% Tax by making reservations through FCOC Convention 2013 

I wish to reserve a room for ____Friday 7 June, _____Saturday 8 June,______ Sunday 9 June 

_____2 double beds _____1 king bed Number of people in room________ Total Nights______ 

Special needs_________________________________________________________________ 

TOTAL ROOM COSTS…………...………………………..$__________________________ 

Total Convention Fees………………….….....…...........….$__________________________

Total Room Costs….…………………………………..….$__________________________

GRAND TOTAL…………...………………….……………..$__________________________

(When your check and registration forms are received, the Sarasota Chapter will confirm your reservation(s) via email or US Mail)

* Arrange hotel through Sarasota Chapter group reservation-save 12% in room taxes 

* A per-person surcharge of $10 will be added if attending only one event, e.g. the Military Ball 

* Make check payable to MOAS/FCOC-Convention 2013. 

* Dress: Convention: Florida Casual Military Ball : Formal 


Mail Check and completed Registration form to:

FCOC Convention 2013
P.O. Box 50974
Sarasota, FL 34232

Comments/Questions/Special Instructions

Click for a Printable Form

Photo by Gayle Maxey
MOA Members on a Kayak Trip

Convention Agenda


36th Annual Florida MOAA Convention
Florida Council of Chapters

Hyatt Regency, Sarasota, FL


FRIDAY, JUNE 7th 2013

1200-1700:  Registration Open (Lower Level)
1200-2200:  Hospitality Room Opened (Ringling Room)
                       (Late Registration in Hospitality Room)
1400-1500:  Council Board Meeting (Boardroom)
1500-1600:  MOAA Presentations ( COL Barry Wright-Florida Room)
1800-2100:  President’s Reception (Boathouse)


0800-1700: Registration Open (Lower Level)
0800-0900: All-Hands Breakfast, Florida Lt Gov Jennifer Carroll (Invited)(Salons C, D, E)
                   Playing of the National Anthem
                   Posting the colors
0930-1700:  Hospitality Room Opened (Ringling Room)
0915-0945:  Annual Meeting (Salon C&D)
1000-1145:  Panel:  Serving those who served our Nation (Salon F)
1200-1330:  Luncheon:  The Patterson Foundation Brief (Salon C, D & E)
1400-1700:  Tours (Due to time constraints, please choose only one)
                     Ringling Circus Museum
                     Sarasota Bay
1400-1700:   Optional Meetings (Florida Room)
                     FPAS Financial Planning Seminar
                     Authors Forum
1800-2200:   Military Ball (Salons C,D, E & F)
                     Guest Speaker:  Gen  John H. Tilelli, Jr. Chairman of the Board, MOAA

SUNDAY, JUNE 9th 2013

0830-0930:  Memorial Service (Lanai)
0945-1100:  FCOC Board meeting (Board Room )

Have a safe trip home and Thanks for coming to Sarasota