Sarasota Military Officers’ Scholarship Fund, Inc.

Military Officers Association of Sarasota
Since it was first established in 1953, the Military Officers Association of Sarasota (MOAS) has established a long track record of support to our nation and those members, veterans and students residing in the Greater Sarasota area. This support has taken many forms, but generally falls into one of four categories: (1) awarding educational and vocational merit based scholarships to qualified and high-achieving high school seniors; (2) supporting Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) Programs hosted by local high schools to include travel for military training exercises and competitions and the construction and maintenance of local training facilities; (3) providing financial support to Academic Olympics and other youth related educational programs; and (4) conducting activities in support of the MOAS Support Our Troops Program which is dedicated to providing morale enhancing support services to deployed service members.
Sarasota Military Officers’ Scholarship Fund, Inc.
Resources required for community support activities come from the Sarasota Military Officers’ Scholarship Fund, Inc. (SMOSF), a 501(c) (3) charitable organization established by the MOAS in 1997. Funded primarily from member donations, the SMOSF is maintained and operated as a separate entity with oversight provided by the MOAS Board of Directors. Noteworthy accomplishments to date include:
-Since 2005, the MOAS Support Our Troops (SOT) program sponsored numerous units deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, supplying more than 10,000 “care” packages to soldiers and marines serving in these combat areas. This support does not go unnoticed by those serving overseas:
“When our soldiers receive your care packages they realize they are “not forgotten” and that Americans care and appreciate their service and sacrifice.”
Command Sergeant Major Patrick Lunsford, Task Force Gunfighter, HHC, 1-1 Air Combat Brigade
-In 2008, the SMOSF established a $25,000 MOAA Scholarship for the purpose of providing grants and scholarships in perpetuity to children of Active Duty Military and veterans attending colleges/universities;
-In May 2013, the SMOSF awarded seven (7) $1,500 scholarships consisting of three (3) merit and four (4) JROTC Scholarships to high achieving graduating seniors from Sarasota area high schools.

The Giving Partner and Sarasota Military Officers’ Scholarship Fund, Inc.
In December 2012, the Sarasota Military Officers Scholarship Fund joined The Giving Partner, an initiative of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, Gulf Coast Community Foundation, and the Manatee Community Foundation, with support from The Patterson Foundation;
In March 2013, the Fund participated in its first ever Giving Challenge and received 38 on-line contributions amounting to $2375 during the 36 hour event;
In October 2013, and as part of a special fund raising challenge involved local non-for-profit organizations participating in the Legacy of Valor Campaign, the SMOSF received 84 direct contributions totaling $11,510 and an additional $10,940 in matching funds from The Patterson Foundation. As a result of this success, the SMOSF elected to increase the amount of each of its 2014 merit and JROTC Scholarships to $2000, while at the same time allocating $5000 to needs-based scholarship support for returning veterans attending one of the local institutions of higher education;
At about this same time, MOAS received a startup grant from The Patterson Foundation to develop and launch a multi-faceted educational program intended to teach Sarasota schoolchildren, the general public and the greater Sarasota/Manatee business community the origin, history, and meaning of the American Flag; the importance of patriotism and proper respect for the flag; and the protocols for the Flag’s display and retirement. Developed in partnership with the Sarasota County School District, the centerpiece of the American Flag Protocol Initiative is a ten lesson curriculum designed to be presented to 4th grade students throughout Sarasota County by their assigned teachers at some point during the academic year. To date over twenty-two (22) teachers representing 12 of Sarasota’s 27 elementary schools have committed to presenting the instruction during Academic Year 2013-14.
“After hearing the lesson on flag etiquette, my students gasped and instantly got into a mini uproar at the sight of a hanging, but rolled up flag in the guidance office. My students are going to write the guidance counselor a gentle letter explaining proper flag etiquette.”   Note from a 4th Grade Teacher
MOAS Needs and Hopes for the Future
Scholarship Support: Increase funding available to expand our need-based veteran scholarships from one to three while maintain the current level and number of merit based scholarships to high achieving graduating seniors from area high schools.
Support Our Troops: As troop levels drop in combat zones around the world, and our uniformed services downsize due to budgetary constraints, MOAS efforts will shift to assisting the transition and improving the lives of veterans, service members and their families in the greater Sarasota area by connecting them to existing services and opportunities.
Student Development: Continue our efforts in support of local high school JROTC units and expand student development in areas of citizenship, leadership and academic excellence. This would include support for Academic Olympics and the expansion to other locations of the American Flag Protocol Initiative currently underway in Sarasota elementary schools.
How Can You Help??
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2014 Giving Challenge
Noon of 6 May to Noon on 7 May 2014

Made possible by the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, The Patterson Foundation, Manatee Community Foundation, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, William G. and Marie Selby Foundation, and the Charlotte Community Foundation, the 2014 Giving Challenge is an online fundraising event taking place from noon on Tuesday, 6 May to noon on Wednesday, 7 May 2014. Only 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organizations that have a demonstrated transparency with a current published profile on The Giving Partner, are eligible to participate.
Gifts of all amounts are welcome but only those of $25 or more may be made online. Only credit cards donations received online at during the 24-hour period will apply to the rules of this online event. Donations made via check, cash, or stock may be made directly to the receiving organization, but will not be counted in giving challenge totals for matching funds. All donations are tax deductible and irrevocable.
To make an online gift to the Sarasota Military Officers’ Scholarship Fund, Inc. go to either or or blog; the latter two sites will have an easily identifiable link to the Giving Challenge website. Once on the Giving Challenge website search for Sarasota Military Officers’ Scholarship Fund, Inc. on the home page of and make your donation with a major credit or debit card. Your gift is 100% tax-deductible and will be acknowledged immediately with a tax receipt sent to the email address provided.
PLEASE ENCOURAGE FRIENDS AND RELATIVES FROM ACROSS THE UNITED STATES TO SUPPORT YOUR GIFT BY MAKING ONE OF THEIR OWN!! A $2000 grant will be awarded to the ONE nonprofit to receive donations from the most U.S. states on
Visit the SMOSF Profile on the Giving Partner Website
Should you not be able to make a financial contribution, you can still help the SMOSF qualify for financial support during The Giving Challenge. A $4000 grant will be awarded to each of the SIX (6) nonprofits that drive the most traffic to their organizational profiles. To help us qualify for this grant, simply go to The Giving Partner Website ( and search for Sarasota Military Officers’ Scholarship Fund, Inc. and OPEN THE SITE. Please take a few minutes to review the material contained there and ENCOURAGE YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMBERS TO DO THE SAME.


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