March Breeze

Greetings, Again, Dear MOAS Member!!Please pardon the delayed delivery! Attached is your March 2019 issue of the MOAS monthly newsletter, The Sarasota Breeze, as well as a separate, new Reservation Form for you to use when making your reservation for the March Luncheon on Friday, March 22, 2019, at the Bird Key Yacht Club

We would alert you that our upcoming March 2019 monthly luncheon is on the 4th Friday of this month, the 22nd, and features the former Officer-In-Charge in Iraq of the first Forward Resuscitative Surgical System Team, the "Devil Docs", Dr. Miguel Cubano, CAPT, USN, who will share his expertise and incredible experience in mass casualty management during disasters.  We hope you can make it!!

Also, we are now approaching our annual MOAA "Storming The Hill" event on 10 April, an event that highlights and culminates the MOAA mission, military veteran advocacy, by bringing together the ultimate political defense force for the U. S. All Volunteer Defense Force. On that date the MOAA leadership team, some 150 "Never Stop Serving" veteran military officers, will swarm every U. S. Congressman and Senator on Capitol Hill. Their reception depends on you and what you do between now and then!!

Yes, here is where you can make a difference by going out to this link, your MOAA Legislative Action Center, which is free to everyone, and send your messages, so that when MOAA knocks on their door, they will open it and they will listen and they will VOTE, because you said, "JUST DO IT!!"Finally, if you have not yet paid your 2019 chapter dues, please do so at your earliest convenience. And for those of you who have, Thank You So Much!!

As usual, we hope you enjoy this issue. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for future issues.

Thanks for your support!! Make it a great day!!

Your Breeze Editorial Staff!!

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Vietnam War


Because a medical procedure will preclude my attendance at the BOD Monday, and recognizing that some may have not had time to read all Breeze inputs,  I wanted to provide updated details of progress we have made to supporting the 30 Mar 19, 1000-1100, Vietnam War Commemorative event at the Sarasota National Cemetery.  First, Brian McCarthy and I have made considerable progress in obtaining support for this Patriotic event, honoring the Vietnam veterans and their families for their service and sacrifice.  The following is just a partial list of contributions that have been made to date.

1.      We have committed as a result of a request from John Rosentrater, to partner with the Sarasota National Cemetery to support this Nationwide event.  Brian McCarthy has excepted a request to serve as the speaker and the master of ceremony.
2.      Jack Barnett from the Sarasota Pops Orchestra has agreed to provide cadence for the color guard as they present the colors.
3.      Dave Taylor has once again agreed to take photos for us a for a mere $50 Gift Card.
4.      Alpha Company of the Vietnam Brotherhood will be our color guard.
5.      We have confirmed Dan Dodd’s Brass Quintet for $500.  The Quintet will provide Pre and Post Patriotic Music and may accompany the singer while she performs our Service Song.  The Quintet will also perform taps.  We are also looking for a flutist, violinist or bagpipe player.
6.      I believe that I have obtained Lauren Nielsen as our singer, the young lady that was runner up for Miss Florida last year and sang the National Anthem for us during the Veteran Appreciation Day event when we partnered with the Orioles.  This past weekend she is competing for Miss Tampa.  If available in addition to singing the National Anthem, she will sing God Bless America and perform each Service song/medley.
7.      We also have had Chaplain Rod Diamond volunteer to provide the invocation.
There are more individuals and partners than I have listed above, such as the Seeing Eye Dogs, the Patriot Guard Riders, BUT we still need help and volunteers.  We need MOAS members to pass out Scholarship, Foundation and Membership Brochures and Vietnam War Veteran and Surviving Spouse Pins.  Pins will be passed out at the conclusion of the ceremony by Brig Gen, Scott Wuesthoff, USAF, (retired).  Jeff Daughtry, president of SCVC has been a tremendous help, with many members from the SCVC contributing things you don't think about, like water that Home Depot, that he believes will donate several cases.