Happy Hour Wine Tasting Sarasota Wine Club Friday July 11, 2014 1700 to 1900 - A Good Time Had By All

A good time was had by all at our Happy Hour July 11, 2014. Comraderie and the tasting of fine wines ruled. Massimo and his staff did a great job with fine wines and nice complimentary Hors d'oeuvres

We conducted our wine tasting, comparing the low cost "Ground Pounder" wine to the more expensive "Air and Sea" Wine.  The labels of the bottles were concealed so no one knew which wine was which.  

The two pages below shown below show the results.  A slight majority of our group preferred the more expensive wine.  Our theory that the ground pounders 6 would prefer the lower cost wine did not hold up, with Army officers preferring the more expensive wine.

The folks on the list below preferred the lower cost wine which I believe shows discerning judgement. The Navy, Marines, and Air Force preferred this wine.

Happy Hour
Sarasota Wine Club - O'Club For the Day
Downtown Sarasota at 1528 Main Street
Second Friday of the Month
July 11, 2014 

Military Time - 1700 to 1900

Civilian / Air Force - 5 to 7 pm

Navy - A couple of Bells or Pipes

Marines - the Navy will tell you where to go and when to do it.

Coast Guard - follow the Navy
Army - the little hand is on the 5, the big hand is on the top.

Uniform - Summer Service C or appropriate civilian attire. Cammies, Fatigues, Flight suits, speedos, and short shorts are authorized. Spouses are recommended.

We plan a military wine tasting.  We will buy two bottles - a cheap red wine and a more expensive wine. 

The cheap red is code named the "Ground Pounders" wine - Army and Marines

The more expensive red is named "The Sea Air" wine - Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard.

We will provide wine tasting from the bottles in paper bags - no one will know which. The taster will express his preference after tasting.

We will then see whether our membership prefer "Ground Pounder" or "Sea Air" wines.

We want to recreate the camaraderie of the O' Club that we enjoyed in our younger days.

No cost except for what you eat or drink - No Reservations. 

Spouses are encourage to attend.

Show up or you will be given a bad haircut and sent to an unpleasant place.

Most of our MOAA Members enjoyed our Happy Hour at the Sarasota Wine Club on June 13, 2014. The club has two intimate rooms in the rear and a large wine tasting area. Staff did a great job providing excellent complimentary hors d'oeuvres.  You can buy drinks by the glass or purchase a card that enables you to sample a wide variety of wines in one, two, or three ounce "tastes". Very nice.

We plan on making this our O'Club of the Hour for some time.  Look forward to seeing you at the next Happy Hour.

We had a very good time at the July Happy Hour. So good, in fact, that the photographer forgot to take photos. The photos shown here were taken at a restaurant across the street from the Wine Club after the Happy Hour was over. The wine was great but perhaps too much of a good thing. We plan for better performance at our next Happy Hour.

Sarasota Wine Club
1528 Main St
Sarasota, Florida
(941) 366-6363