The January Breeze, The Luncheon, and Membership Renewal

Dear Member--

The January 2015 issue of the MOAS monthly newsletter, 

The Sarasota Breeze, as well as a separate Reservation Form for you to use when making your reservation for the January Luncheon—on at Michael’s on East.   (Please note the new luncheon price of $27 per person.)

The January luncheon will feature a speaker from the Habitat for Humanity organization in Sarasota.

For those of you who have already responded to your notice to renew your membership for 2015 --- Thank you..  

Looking forward to seeing all of you at our normal location...Michaels on East...on Friday January 16, 2013.

And at the Sarasota Wine Club for a Meet & Greet on Friday, January 9 at 5:00 pm January 9th at 5:00 PM.

As usual, we hope you enjoy this issue—and ask that you let us know if you have any suggestions for future issues.

Thank you
Len Friedlander & Patt Staley

Click for the January Breeze - All the Scoop and the Schedule of Events.