Herald Tribune Covers Admiral Chambers Presentation on the Evacuation of Saigon

Plane that Landed on Aircraft Carrier With Family
All, Kudos on the great article in the Sarasota Section of the HT today.  The reporter did a super job and really put out some good publicity for our Chapter.

Bravo Zulu to George and Alan, good work to Len and

HOOAH to Chris

Troy Scott


Troy, I appreciate your note! We had a delightful,

post-luncheon session with Herald Tribune journalist, Alex Weilhammer, who is a very engaging and interested young writer and who has provided MOAS milestone coverage, featuring a well-considered summary of his interviews, which he conducted with enthusiasm and curiosity. 

I am not surprised at the impressive result, though I would not have expected front page visibility of the Herald Tribune Gulf Coast section. Obviously, Alex impressed his editors with the story of Rear Admiral Larry Chambers USN (Retired) and his Vietnam underway and rescue operations, while in command of the USS Midway (CV-41)!!

For those, who have not yet seen the article, here it is!!


It was a great pleasure to visit with Larry, a schoolmate, USNA '52, and recall with him, my own "Blue Water" experiences! Thanks for making it possible!

Great work, Team!!

With Respect,

George P. Tracy
President, MOAA Sarasota (MOAS)

Photos of the luncheon and presentation

One of the Vietnamese saved thanking Chambers