Sunset Beach Party on Thursday October 22

click for a video of the sunset

Sunset Beach Party on Lido Key 

The YAHOO Sunset Beach Party at Lido Key October 22nd (details in the Breeze).

LTG Jerry Hilmes, USA (Ret.) and his wife, Saundra, have invited the YAHOOs to join them on Thursday, 
October 22nd at 5:30 PM for a sunset beach party at their cabana on Lido Key. In the true spirit of the YAHOOs past sunset beach parties we will keep it very simple. Everyone brings their own chairs, hors doeuvres or dessert to share, and grog. John & Carol O'Brien will provide plastic glasses, plates, napkins and utensils. After socializing at Jerry's and Saundra's cabana we will migrate down to the water for the sunset. 

Please RSVP to Carol OBrien at cobrienvt@aol.comor (941) 907-8891 to let her know if you plan to attend and what you will bring so we don’t have too many appetizers or too many desserts. It is recommended that we tip Roy who helps prepare the cabana area for our sunset gathering.

DIRECTIONS: From St. Armand Circle go west toward the Gulf until you reach Ben Franklin Dr. A subtle hint will be when the road ends at the Gulf of Mexico. It is suggested at that time you turn left, which is south for our navigators. After about a mile on Ben Franklin you will see the Lime Tree Resort on the right, then a condo, followed by your target, the Sun & Surf Colony, 1148 South Ben Franklin Drive. Make a right into the large parking areas and you will have arrived. If you get to the Ritz Carlton, two doors down, you've missed it.