MOAS Social Marketing Report 2015


Informing the Troops
We continue to develop our MOAS social marketing effort. This augments our Web Site, the Breeze and email notifications. It should also help us to recruit younger officers who use social marketing systems.

We operate on the time honored military communication system of telling the troops, then telling them again, and then telling them again. Our social media amplifies the word we spread with the Breeze, or Web Site, emails, and luncheons.

We continue to try to engage our membership.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest encourage members to interact with and post information to our pages.

We post information Blog which members can find from our Web Site. The address is which forwards to we publish an unlimited number of photos, notices and stories. We post a great deal of information in the left column, including many older photos, and social links to National MOAA and DOD. We also post this information our other social media links.

If you are active on any of those systems please friend or link with us and contribute content to the site. We are always interested in content or photos so you can also email them to me and I will post them. Or you can post directly to our Facebook or LinkedIn pages.
The systems below encourage communication among our members and potential members. We communicate to our members, but on these systems they can also communicate with us. The addresses of our pages are:





We use the email address

More about our systems at:  


National MOAA has a similar social marketing effort. Their addresses are below and can also be found in the left column of our blog. They maintain a video channel.


Other DOD agencies and each service are also developing their own social marketing systems. You can find them easily with a google search. A few select addresses below:

Social marketing is a free way to get out the word. It is growing rapidly, especially with younger officers. Please help us to build the content on these systems.

We also post a number of photos of our events. You can find a four year history of photos on the left column of our blog.