Happy Hour Feb 8, 2016 Geckos with Major Caesar Civitella

To Caesar Civitella, 93, a St. Petersburg resident and former OSS member who helped the French resistance and chased Italian despot Benito Mussolini, the December vote to approve the OSS Congressional Gold Medal, and its signing into law by President Barack Obama, was overdue

"He helped French resistance fighters and Italian partisans fight Nazis and fascists when he served with the storied Office of Strategic Services. He was instrumental in the creation of the Green Berets and Delta Force. As a CIA operative in Vietnam, he devised a plan to stop the advance of Viet Cong forces using Calgon dish soap."

"More than six decades after the Office of Strategic Services conducted spy missions and commando raids during World War II, Congress has finally acknowledged the organization's work."

"The award honors the men and women who performed dangerous missions, under the cloak of secrecy, that helped turn the tide of the war, Civitella said. It was the precursor of the modern day Central Intelligence Agency and U.S. Special Operations Command."

Happy Hour / Meet and Greet 

Wednesday February 8, 2016

At The O Club of the Day

Geckos Grill and Club

351 N Cattlemen Road

I-75, Fruitville, and Cattleman

Sarasota, FL 34232
(941) 378-0077

No cost except for what you eat or drink 
No Reservations. 
Spouses and friends are encouraged to attend.

Hope you can join us at the Happy Hour.

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