Van Wezel Tour Nov 30, 2018

Ron WozniakDear Bobbie Hamilton,

We want to thank you for organizing a fabulous tour of the Van Wezel art and backstage for the Military Officers Association, Sarasota Chapter (MOAS) Young at Heart Officers Organization (YAHOO).

Everything went smoothly and everyone expressed their gratitude for such an enlightening educational event at this wonderful Sarasota entertainment gem. It was a good turnout with 20 MOAS members and spouses attending.

Linda and I made it a point, that you did all the work, and you should be the one to receive their praises.

We are so blessed to have someone of your caliber in our organization. Thanks Ed for loaning Bobbie out to us.

Dear Cindy Woodling,

Of course a boatload of the work was done by you and the other Van Wezel volunteers.

Thank you so much, and the others, for the time and energy you put into making our tour a memorable experience.
We certainly will pass the word to the rest of our MOAS membership, that they really missed out, and we will hopefully have the opportunity to do this again next year.


We hope you also enjoyed the post-tour lunch at Indigo Hotel’s H2O Bristo…we did.

As it turned out we had 17 attending lunch. We thought the waitress Terry did a great job serving us.

Bobbie chose the venue, and we are sorry she could not stay for the entire tour and lunch.

See, we should have taken the group picture at the start!
Somehow Craig Hullinger will have to figure a way to photo shop Bobbie in.

Woz & Linda Wozniak
YAHOO Co-coordinators
Cell: 941-779-5448

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Ron Wozniak (via Google Photos)