Miniature Golf and Japanese Steak House Feb 7, 2020

Six Past MOAS Presidents

Hole in One!

YAHOO Golfers & Diners,
Below is the After Action Report (AAR) for the 7 February 2020 YAHOO Mini-golf at Smugglers Cove & dinner at Jo-To Japanese Steakhouse.

16 Played Mini-golf
Scores of Individuals & Foursomes
38 Donna Ritzo *Won $10 for lowest score
39 Paul Kaufman *Won $5 for 2nd lowest score
48 Kathy Kaufman
50 Linda Brent
175 Total

41 Len Friedlander *Won $1 for 3rd lowest score
45 Troy Scott
48 Christa Friedlander
49 Elke Scott
183 Total

42 Jon Gordon *Won $1 for lowest score for playing one handed
42 Mary Gordon
47 Ed Conklin
53 Mary Conklin
184 Total

44 Craig Hullinger
45 Rene Faessler
45 Ron Wozniak
51 Katie Whitley
185 Total

As it turned out Smugglers Cove only charged us $8.00 each for 16 golfers vs $9.00 each which we collected from everyone.

Instead of giving everyone a refund of $1.00 each we are going to donate $16.00 to Support Our Troops (SOT) which is almost enough to send one SOT box overseas.

Jo-To Japanese Steakhouse
*Our final count of who had dinner was 22:
Ron & Linda Wozniak
Craig & Beth Hullinger
Paul & Kathy Kaufman
Peggy & MaryElizabeth Mock
William & Barbara Lawyer
Rene Faessler
Troy & Elke Scott
Jon & Mary Gordon
Ed & Mary Conklin
Donna Ritzo
Linda Brent
Katie Whitley
Bob & Brenda Crepeau (walk-ins)

*Not counted: Len & Christa Friedlander who had cocktails at the bar with us, but had to leave before we were seated for dinner.

Link below has photos taken by Woz.

Craig Hullinger posted his photos on the MOAS Website & Blog.
If you had taken any photos, please send them to Craig.

Next year, based on the feedback you gave us, we will schedule the mini-golf & post golf dinner on a weekday to have a smaller crowd at Smugglers Cove and at Jo-To Japanese Steakhouse. Wednesday 24 February 2021 looks good and since this will be the 4th Wednesday of the month, we will combine the events with our Roaming Meet & Greet. For February this year, having four MOAS YAHOO social events in the month may have been too much for many...not for Woz, but probably for most.

Hope you all had a good time.
Woz & Linda

YAHOO Co-coordinators
Woz’s Cell: 941-779-5448
Linda’s Cell: 941-779-5447

Rene Faessler hits a hole in one. He also drove Craig Hullinger's ball in for another hole in one for Craig, allowing Craig to beat Woz by one stroke. Thanks, Rene.

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