17 Years of Its “Support Our Troups”

Military Officers Association of Sarasota Has Completed 17 Years of Its “Support Our Troups” Program

Southwest FL – At the end of 2019, the Sarasota Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America has distributed approximately 34,000 postal boxes with instructions to the public. The distribution of these boxes is done during events such the Veterans Day parade when 1,200 boxes were handed out.

These boxes are expected to be mailed to Service members serving under harsh conditions and in harms-way and to units in austere environments. This effort was initiated by the Military Officers Association of Sarasota and began in 2003. “MOAS” relies on community support to provide the depth necessary to make the program successful. MOAS has a website that provides all the information an individual, clubs, schools, etc. to send support to this program. The site is www.sarasotamoaa.com/support-us

Complete instructions are included with each box and a list of suggested care package Items to place in the box can be found on the website. Emphasis is on personal items and Servicemember support items. Keep a list and cost of items purchased for the Customs Form.

MOAS will frequently receive thank you notes from the Troops receiving the packages.

The Trooper’s Task Force of Six Shooters recently sent a thank you note. The text of this note follows:

“On behalf of Trooper’s of Task Force Six Shooters, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation for the care packages that you have provided. It was exceptionally thoughtful and very welcomed. Our entire team were very grateful for the opportunity to enjoy the comfort items that you provided. The Commander, LTC Matthew Wolfe, and Command Sergeant Major, CSM William Wisecup, took great pleasure in handing out the packages and enjoying the smiles that it brought to our Soldiers faces. Your gesture in supporting our deployed troops is truly appreciated. Wish you all the best during the holiday season, please know that you are making a difference.

The Troopers of Task Force Six Shooters
Guns up, Scouts Out!”

Attached is the photograph they sent with their thank you.