Veterans and Service Dogs


Hi Christa and our MOAA family,


I hope you are well and staying healthy!  


I was thinking about you as I was reviewing these new public service announcements.  They are part of a digital campaign intended to help find veterans interested in a service dog.  We've learned that the veterans' family/spouse is often researching solutions as well, so there's one targeted to them.  


During the pandemic we have seen decreased applications from veterans seeking a service dog. At the same time, we're seeing data from the VA about increased mental health challenges, and even higher rates of suicide among veterans in 2020. We know the need is greater than ever.  We are actively training and placing dogs. We're ready to serve, all at no cost to the veteran, including high quality pet food, preventatives, and routine veterinary exams. We continue to place our dogs with Gold Star families, and in military hospitals and facilities across the US. 


If you see an opportunity to share these with others, we would be incredibly grateful. 




Kindest regards, 


Karen and Levi 

KAREN CONKEL | Associate Director, Philanthropy
Southeastern Guide Dogs

4210 77th Street East, Palmetto, FL 34221



I sent this out previously to everyone and also forwarded it to all the FCOC chapters.  Please share the information below if you know of a veteran who is in need of help and support,